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Title IX [Friday Night Lights, Buffy]

Title: Title IX
Series: Friday Night Lights, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Coach Taylor, Julie, Matt
Summary: Coach Taylor puts a positive spin on what could have been a bad situation.
Notes: For the prompt, "It started on a Sunday morning"

The three of them stood at the far end of the Dillon stadium. Sunday morning was probably the only time the they could be guaranteed not to be disturbed, spied upon, or otherwise molested, as the rest of the town was all at church, just like the good Christian folk they were.

"You're being awfully quiet, Dad."

Coach Taylor looked over at his daughter, then over at the goal posts down at the other end of the field, then back again. He took off his hat, scratched his head and sighed, then placed the hat back very carefully.

"You're not going to England. That's final. I don't care how good the offer is."

Julie let out a little huff that made her sound frighteningly like Tami when she was mad, but she didn't say anything.

Taylor knew they'd fight that fight later, just as he knew he'd have to have a little talk with Buddy Garrity about how it was important for Dillon High to move with and even ahead of the times. Right now, however, Taylor's attention was one-hundred percent on the defunct football Saracen had obligingly retrieved for him. The boy was still hunched over, breathing hard from his sprint out of the stadium and into the parking lot and back.

"What's that Watcher thing y'all were talking about?" Saracen asked between breaths. Taylor glared at him. At least the wasn't bringing up the whole 'vampire' thing again.

"That doesn't matter," Taylor said. He grabbed an intact football from his gym bag and tossed it to Saracen. "Set this on the tee, would you? Julie, this time, please try to keep the ball inside the stadium? Keeping it in one piece--also a plus. Meantime, I got to figure out how to tell the boosters and the athletic board our new place kicker's a girl."

"Don't count your whales before they're harpooned, Coach Ahab," Julie sang as she danced up to the ball.

The next kick dented the goal post.

Julie jammed her fists up in the air and pirouetted away from the tee. "England!" she cheered as she twirled, "England, England, England!"

"After you help us win the state championship. Then you can work your way up to saving the world."

Julie didn't hear him. She was too busy bounding down the field, leaping from yard line to yard line as if she were playing a game of hopscotch.

"That better not be you laughing, Saracen. That better not be you laughing."

"Sorry, sir."
Tags: buffy, crossover, friday night lights
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