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Prester Press

More fiction (and less whining) from Sophia P.

Fiction by Sophia P.
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Sophia Prester's fic journal
This is the fic journal of sophiap. It is set up as a community so I can post more easily. Technically, membership is closed, but the stories are unlocked. If you want the fics to show up automatically on your flist, just friend/watch the comm.

What you'll find here: I tend to flit from fandom to fandom (but am mostly writing in SPN and Bleach these days), and will happily write for anime, live action TV, literary, and other fandoms. I have very few OTPs, and while I generally (heh) write gen, I do write het or slash when the mood takes me.

Warning Policy:

  • I absolutely will warn for any issues regarding sexual violence or matters of consent.

  • I will give general warnings for violence, language, and/or the few semi-explicit references to sex that show up from time to time.

  • I do use generic 'dark themes' warnings for things not listed above that I feel are potentially upsetting to certain readers. This may (or may not) include character death, adultery, severe emotional cruelty, massively unhappy endings, pairing breakups, etc. I may give specific warnings under certain circumstances.

  • If you see a generic warning and would like specific information on something that might cause problems for you, feel free to PM me with your concern and I will happily give you a specific warning.

  • No warning at all means I consider the story to be 'safe,' but again, ask if something concerns you.

  • Current Projects:
    September 2011: Current active projects include a Bleach co-write with liralen and incandescens, a scary-long Bleach fic set 10 years after the series ends (AU from the end of the Deicide arc), and a case-fic for the 50states_spn challenge and something for spn_cinema.

    In Queue:
    Something for a small fandom Big Bang (possibly Nevewhere, or Sapphire and Steel) and whatever I manage to snag for the SPN reverse bang.